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BBQ 500

from:  169.00

from:  169.00

Bbq 500 is the newest way to grill in your wood fired or gas powered oven. The bbq 500 is all produced in Italy and it comes equipped with: a rotating grill, a tray for embers or fat dripping, a wood holder and a fork.

You can choose between two sizes:
– Diameter 37 cm / 14.5 in for ovens: CIAO S/M/L, 5 MINUTI, PIZZA E BRACE, GUSTO, CALORE
– Diameter 45 cm / 17.5 in for ovens: 4 PIZZE, ALLEGRO, FIESTA BBQ

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Product Description

Rotary steel grill: it allows you to keep an eye on how the cooking is going on by moving the dishes with a simple gesture.

Steel baking pan: it is designed for draining off fat during cooking and for holding embers.

Stainless steel ember producer: it contains the wood to stoke up the fire and to refill the grill with new embers.

Stainless steel tongs: they are designed to rotate the grill and baking pans in the oven.

Easy to use bbq accessories for the oven

Triple cooking – Radiation, convection, conduction to choose the cooking you want, crispy or soft.
Fast – Higher temperatures (up to 500°C) to cook in less time.
Hottest inside, safest outside – Highest temperatures for cooking. Outside of oven remains cool and easy to work with.
No smoke – Your house and your clothes don’t smell at smoke
Clean – Clean every part of the oven by switching it on

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37cm, 45 cm


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